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Why Listing Photos Matter When Selling Your Home

The digital age has vastly changed the residential real estate industry. Most experts will agree that an overwhelmingly high number of buyers start their search for a home online. There are typically a lot of other homes for sale in your neighborhood when you are ready to sell your house. The quality of the photos in your home’s online listing will help make your home stand out from the rest! 

Why Do Listing Photos Matter?

No matter how beautiful your home is in person, words alone do not do it justice. Professional-looking photos are the optimum way to capture your home’s beauty in the eyes of the reader. Pictures help to “show off” the many unique features that home buyers seek, and they will be much more engaged. Here are other reasons why, when it comes to selling a house, pictures make a world of difference. 

– Photos attract attention. 

– Your home will sell faster.

– Homes frequently sell at a higher selling price.  

Realtors Will Want to Show Your Home First!

When the photos in your home listing have that “wow” appeal, your home will be shown much more than a listing without photos or, even worse, a listing with inferior photos. Buyers shop online to save time so, when a person actually comes to see the house, you know they are already impressed. The most beautiful photos attract the most serious buyers.  

Be to include professional photos in the listing from day one. Sometimes, a seller comes to us to photograph their home after it has been on the market for weeks or months. If you are disappointed that your home is not selling, the reason may very well be that poor quality photos are to blame! Home sellers who want to sell their house fast will save time, money, and undue stress when they hire us to do a professional photoshoot of their property. 

Need More Reasons to Use a Professional Photographer?

The rooms in your home come in all shapes and sizes. Smaller rooms need a lot of extra TLC to look appealing in a photograph. We have literally changed the look of minimal space with one click of the camera! A professional photographer has the experience and expertise to achieve the most desirable results. 

Professional photographers have the best and most modern photograph equipment available in the industry. The quality of our photos is unmatched, and that will shine through in your home listing. Our clients tell us that we produce the most memorable images. Potential buyers are much more likely to want to view a home in person because they like the pictures they see online. 

We utilize the most advanced technology to capture the beauty of your home with natural lighting that is visually as well as emotionally appealing. We will create a virtual walk-through of your home so that customers will imagine themselves there! Please contact us today to learn even more about our affordable professional photography services.

When Is A Good Time To Sell My Greeley Home?

Selling your house in the front range can be quite a challenging task, especially for beginners. If you’re planning on putting your property on the market in a hot city like Denver, but don’t know when, then keep on reading. 

As we all know, your financial situation is one thing to consider when you’re selling something. However, Seasonal Trend in the real estate market is a huge factor to determine when is a good time to see your home or property. It’ll help you make any know if the local market is in your favor or if you’ll need to make improvements. 

Here are a few things that will help you determine when you should put your property on the market.


The condition of your house will not only affect the price of it, but how fast you’ll be able to sell it in the market. It’ll also help you know how much effort and time you’ll need to prepare to put your home for sale. If you want to maximize your sale price, then choosing the right renovation project could be a great option. But if you’re going to sell it faster, then aim for minor changes and repairs. Remember, the house condition affects the price and value of your property.


The research found five commons affecting life factors that might have an impact on your plans to move. Retirement, job changes, and family milestones can urge someone to move. They can often lead you to sell your home in a slower season.

1. Relocating for Job Transfer or New Job

2. Cheaper Housing

3. Better Home or Upgrade To A New Home

4. Family Reason

5. Settling Down In One’s Household


The cost of home renovation, unexpected fees, and payment for the real estate agent (if you’ll be getting an agent), all of these are just part of the amount that you’ll need to sell your home. The total cost can add up to 10% of the Selling price of your home.

You can use a home sale calculator to estimate the cost. Before you even sell your home, you’ll have to start checking out the price and budget you’ll need to purchase a new one.


As we mentioned in the first part, one major factor that affects the Greeley real estate market is the seasonal trend. By consulting with some Denver realty experts, you will become more familiar with your market’s conditions, and be able to determine the best time to sell your home. For example, how fast are the homes selling in that neighborhood? How much is the price growth compared to where you plan your new home? 

You can use websites or applications to help you get oriented on the housing market trends. 


Deciding when is a good time to sell your home still depends on you. Choose the time that makes the most sense for you and your financial situation as well. And be sure to research as much as you can.

What Is For Sale By Owners or FSBO, And Should You Do It?

Most people have a general idea of how to sell a house. You make a decision, put a sign out in your yard, and you cross your fingers that someone shows up to offer you a pretty penny. However, there is a lot more that goes into the process. 

Finding the right approach to listing your home is key to closing a transaction. You’ll have to decide whether to use an agent or list it yourself. 

What Does FSBO Mean?

For sale by owner, also referred to as FSBO, is an approach to selling your home without the assistance of a real estate agent. You will have to market the home yourself in order to direct hopeful buyers to your doorstep. 

People do this for various reasons. They might have sold a home before, or they might be trying to cut costs by not paying a real estate agent’s commission. However, it is completely legal to list your own home in a real estate transaction. 

Should You Do It?

This is such a weighted question that almost everyone is going to have an opinion on. Of course, anyone who has bought or sold a home is an expert. 

There is a reason that real estate agents get paid in the transaction. They do a lot of work, and they bring a lot to the table. The right real estate agent can make or break a deal. 

The first service they are going to offer you is a market analysis. This is a comparison of your home against other homes in the current market that will give you an idea of the fair market price. Often FSBOs price themselves out of the market, so an agent is key.

The second service that you are going to want to take advantage of is their marketing and clientele. They have access to other agents and their buyers that are eager to start looking at homes. Agents network together to service buyers and sellers. 

Their networks also include loan officers with various banks or lenders in the area. This provides them access to borrowers who have already made an effort to get pre-approved. Loan officers will often reach out to agents, asking them for inventory. 

There are many pros and cons to listing your home by yourself. There is plenty to be said about leveraging your own skill sets and saving money, but then you have to ask at what cost? 

Many people don’t take the time to consider the actual amount of money they are saving vs. the carrying costs spent month-over-month until the property is sold. You ultimately want to have a good understanding of what your goals are and where your motivation is. 

If you have the patience and resources to set on a home until it is sold, then listing your home yourself may be the best option for you. If you already have your eyes on another property and need the proceeds from the sale, then get an agent. You’ll be glad you did later.

They are also going to preserve your time by acting as a gatekeeper to buyers that are wanting to access your home. They can require pre-approval letters before entering the home, or they can set appointments ahead of time to avoid inconveniencing you.